Tuesday, March 23, 2010

24 week check-up

Today was the day we went back for another ultrasound. Of course we were hoping for a miracle...that the cysts would be gone, that the hole in her heart would be smaller, that her growth would be right on...

What we saw is still a miracle! We saw our baby girl alive and kicking. The truth is, God is the only one who can really see her with the clearest of 3-D imaging. We do know that the doctors have tests and things they see and can tell us, and we are thankful that we can prepare for what we may have to face. But we are also thankful for a God who is bigger, mightier, and more amazing than any doctor or test!

We did get the blood test results after the ultrasound a month ago, and that test showed elevated levels of Trisomy 18. This was heartbreaking news, and we have been praying that if there is a chromosome problem that it would be Trisomy 21. Today we saw that Audrey still has the two cysts, one on each side of her brain. She has grown to 1 pound (she was about 10 ounces a month ago). Her arms and leg bones are still measuring about 2 weeks behind, but her head is right on with 24 weeks and her abdomen is about 1 week behind in measurement. They still think the nasal bone is missing, and she still has the VSD in her heart.

The encouraging news is that she waved at us very clearly and she is very active. These two things do not typically go along with Trisomy 18. But the truth is we don't know, and neither do the doctors. We will not know for sure how God has created her until she is born. Yes, we could have had a test to tell us almost accurately what the issue is, but we are not willing to take the risks that go along with that test, so we will rest in the peace of God while we wait.

We will return in another 4 weeks for another ultrasound, and after that be referred to the cardiologist group at Vanderbilt where they will also do an ultrasound to determine for themselves what will need to be done for her heart after she is born.

Thank you again and again for your constant prayers and also the reminders that you are praying for us. We cannot say that enough. I expected today to be nerve-wracking but it was amazing the calmness and peace that God gave me. Our hope was to hear that things had improved, but we are thankful they didn't get any worse! So we will continue to wait, live for Him, and enjoy what God has given us.

Someone once said to hold loosely to the things God has given me, because then it won't hurt so bad if He has to pry them out of my fingers.


  1. I'm so excited to hear that Audrey was active and even waved at you...how cute!!! And what a good girl gaining weight and reaching a whole pound :0) . You said you thought she'd be bigger and you certainly were right!

  2. Beautiful blog. We are praying continuously for you all and send our love!

  3. I like your blog, Becca! I'm glad to hear that Audrey is growing and being active. We continue to lift ya'll up in prayer. God is faithful and we have so much to praise Him for. Love you!