Tuesday, April 20, 2010

28 weeks

Another long morning at the doctor’s office today, but we are thankful that they are keeping a close watch on Audrey’s development and preparing to do whatever they need to do for her when she is born. We were pleasantly surprised to get to see her in 3D today! It was unreal.

She is still growing, up to 1 pound, 10 ounces today. Her head is measuring correctly at 28 weeks and that is excellent. Her humerus, femur, and belly are still measuring 3-4 weeks behind, but still consistent with previous measurements. She is growing, that is the important part. Chad was a little concerned that we were going to have a midget with a huge head, but the doctor assured us it would not be like that. Ha ha.

She is down to one small cyst on the brain, and that is great. But even if the cysts completely go away it does not change any of the possible outcomes. And just to clarify, these are all just possibilities, we do not know for sure what we will be facing when she is born because we have had no diagnostic testing due to the risks involved with those tests. The things we are concerned that she could have are all because of things the doctor saw in ultrasound or blood work, and neither of those are always completely accurate.

What the doctor is certain about is there are complications with her heart, and that bit of news was not news that was better today. She still has the VSD, and now they see an overriding aorta. I cannot even try to explain what that means, so I won’t. The doctor did say he does not see any signs of heart failure so we are thankful for that. We will be sent to the Pediatric Cardiologist group at Vanderbilt in about a month where they will assess her heart condition and make the determination about what will need to be done.

We continue to covet your prayers and are thankful for the love and support from our family and friends. It is hard to know what God has in mind, especially when our answer right now is to wait! But like someone said to me today, God is still sovereign and He is still on the throne.


  1. The 3D pictures are amazing! We love you!

  2. Very cool pics!!! I was trying to tell who she looks like, but I just can't decide :0) ...I guess she'll look like Audrey ;) . So glad to read the update and so glad I serve that sovereign God who is still on His throne!

  3. I think she looks like she is praying right along with all of us with her little hands folded together, precious pictures :)

  4. I have three out of four of my children have birth defects. My fourth child was diagnosed with Feingold Syndrome this week. God is with you. If you need some support you can look me up on facebook. My first two children had to have surgery at birth and it was a hard experience to go through.
    Christine Bee