Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Miracles ... according to God!

Please pray for Rick & Lorelei.
I just received another prayer request from my college roommate.  Here is what she wrote to me:
Rick and Lorelei have been marrried for 8 years! Strong christians, who do not come from christian homes. They have a longing to be parents, but also had a longing to have a solid foundation and marriage established before kids! So, like many couples, they waited a few years before trying! The were in the early 30's when first married. 
Afer 2 years of trying and NO success, they saught medical help! After 1 year of testing and seeking medical help-they discovered the problem was a male issue. So, the best chance for a baby was Infertility! (IVF)
They prayed about it and began the long journey! They signed up for 3 tries. The first try was in the winter of 2006! They got pregnant with TRIPLETS! (And this is when Mike and I were expecting our first son, Parker) This started a close bond between Lorelei and me. 
In March of 2007 God took all 3 babies home. (She was 19 weeks pregnant when she lost them.) One of the boys got sick and he was not developing as quickly. The Doctors told them, that they could do selective reduction and have a chance of saving one or 2 of them. But they were NOT going to play God! It was HORRIBLE and a very difficult road for them and all of us that had been on this journey with them! Yet, they got back up-went to their support group and tried to "move on!" However, we will never forget those sweet little Boys! (It was identcial boys and a fraternal one). 
The next spring they had their second try but it was not a success. She began to believe that God was calling them t adopt or possibly not have them be parents. Once again they got back up..."moved on" but still had a deep longing to have a baby!
2010 is here and in the Spring they were to have their 3rd and final try! Well, GUESS WHAT? The miracle that they were told would NEVER HAPPEN (or the 1-5% chance Baby of ever happening) HAPPENED! In February they got pregnant on their own! They were in complete SHOCK! A miracle from heaven. I kept coming back to 
Ephesians 3:20 "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen." 
It is a miracle that we are seeing God perform!
Well the 20 week appointment was last week! It is  BOY and there is a PROBLEM! BUT HE IS A MIRACLE RIGHT???
What is God's definition of Miracle? They are feeling broken once again!
He has been diagnosed with Spina Bifida!
Today at 1:00 they are seeing the Neuro Surgeon who will be performing the surgery. They are praying that there is not any more daunting news then already given.
There are 4 different levels of SB. They have been told that his severity is less threatning (and lower down)-however, nothing will be known till he is born! I am sure you can relate to the shocking news of that 20 week sonogram? The hopes and dreams of what they thought for a miracle baby has all changed before their eyes!! 
Alot of tears, anger and confusion! But I keep reassuring her that God's way (plan) are much greater then ours! 
Will you PLEASE say a prayer for them?!

Read Jenn's post about Lorelei here.
My heart is breaking for this couple who now has to wait, just like we did.  And they will not know what God's plans are until he is born.  That really brings back memories for me, memories that are still fresh in my mind!  I also was thinking a lot about what Jenn said, about the definition of a miracle and about God's ways being so much greater than ours.  
Knowing that His plans are better is the only way I can accept what happened to Audrey, but I do not understand it.  

We hear the word "Miracle" being used a lot for good things happening, but until the miracle of Audrey I had not thought about how my definition of a miracle is probably a far cry from God's definition.  I remember asking God for a miracle (that she would be healed) and asking Him to let Audrey be part of our family.  He answered both with a yes, but not the way I was telling Him to answer.  We need to stop telling God how to answer our prayers, and learn to simply leave it in His hands.  Audrey IS a miracle, and so is this little boy.  Each child that God creates is a miracle.  I think we have it in our heads that a miracle is only when we see something "good" ... on our terms of good!  Oh how I wish I could see things the way God does.  

But then I would not need faith.

Faith..."the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."  Hebrews 11:1
Because of my faith I have HOPE that I will spend eternity with my Savior, and that I will see Audrey again!  And no, I cannot see what God's purpose was in all of this, but my faith is what keeps me believing that His plan is best.  I feel the same as Ella, I thought Audrey would be better off here with us.  Obviously God did not agree, and He is God Alone, In the good times and bad.  I might ask "WHY?" but I will not doubt His perfect plan for our lives.  

Please pray for this family! They need to be upheld in prayer for strength, grace, and unfathomable peace.
I trust Rick and Lorelei are leaning on their faith once again, and I will certainly pray for the miracle that God wants for their family.  If that is to allow him to be in their lives for many years, I will Praise Him. If that miracle is for him to not spend a lot of time on this Earth, I will still Praise Him.  I might not like the way God chooses to unfold His miracle, but that is not for me to decide!  

After all, Lord, You are God Alone!

Thank you all for your faithfulness!  Remember, God is in Control!  
Trust HIM!


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  1. I will pray for this couple...and for the miracle of healing. My aunt lived (my mom's sister) with spina bifida for many years. As much as we all hope for them to have a perfectly healthy baby boy, this baby will be a blessing either way. Even with spina bifida he will be able to live a good, long and wonderful life.