Sunday, July 11, 2010

Prayers Needed

My friend, Willa, sent this prayer request for baby boy Trenton.  The mom's name is Rebekah & the father is Greg.  They also have two other children.  Their son was born around 30 wks, weighing 3lbs 3oz, and is still in the NICU.  He was born a few weeks ago (late June), but they have been experiencing complications & many ups and downs.'s the most recent:
We got a call last night pretty late, from the special care nursery. That is not what I want to see when the phone rings. Greg and my hearts just stopped. It turns out that Trent started vomiting green again, which is a bile color.....this is disturbing because they have been upping his feeds and he had been tolerating it well, but apparently not anymore. They have completely ruled out NEC, which is a blessing, but must figure out why he is not digesting his milk.

The question on the board is whether or not the valve in his heart (the PDA) is causing too much blood flow there, not leaving enough for his intestines. He had antibiotics to help close it up once, but he is now going to get more. Today they will do another echocardiogram and see if this is truly the case.

Additionally, he will be getting another blood transfusion as his numbers are low. This is fairly low risk as they will be using the same unit of blood that he got last time. This is blood transfusion #2.

Today they will be giving him another head ultrasound to make sure there is no bleeding in his brain. This is the same as he got last time, where they found just slight bleeding on the right hand side. It was not serious, but they want to make sure that has gone away.

They are keeping an eye on his bilirubin levels as he is presenting as very yellow.

Lastly, today he will also be getting an EEG to check to make sure he is not seizing. Ellie actually had the same test. The nurses called the neonatologist into the room this morning at 4am because he was jerking a lot. He does jerk a lot. She did not seem too entirely concerned as she thinks this is just due to his prematurity, but she wants to do this test to rule out seizures of the brain.

Please pray today for:

1. The cause of the vomiting
2. The closing of the PDA valve
3. His blood transfusion
4. head ultrasound
5. Bilirubin levels
6. EEG to rule out seizures

We were met this morning by a group of doctors surrounding the tiny incubator, discussing our son's prognosis. He has continued bleeding in the brain, with no known cause except for his prematurity. He has progressed from a level 1 at birth to a level 4, which is the highest level for bleeding in the brain and it has progressed to both sides.

If this bleeding does not subside on its own, he will have to undergo surgery to install a shunt in his brain for drainage of the spinal fluid. They will make this decision based on if his head circumfrence gets bigger. The good news is that his head size has remained the same for the past 3 days.

Because of the bleeding in this part of the brain, Trenton has an 80-90% chance of having cerebral palsy, a motor development disease as he gets older. The extent of that is not known. He could be as mild as walking with a limp, to having a severe case that will require a wheelchair throughout his life. We plan on getting involved in as many occupational therapy avenues as we can in New Mexico.

God has given us peace about this for our child. Although I want his quality of life to be as healthy as possible, I want him with us and in our family more. God has made him extraordinarily special for a purpose.

Please pray specifically today and over the next week that this unexplained bleeding would stop and that this 3 pound baby will not have to have brain surgery.

Thank you for your faithful prayers for the requests that have come in. I can tell you they are what sustains those who are going through these terribly difficult days.  

We know God is in control! I hope you are trusting Him today. 


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