Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Don't feel Awkward

Occasionally we run into acquaintances and Ella knows as well as we do that they do not know about Audrey.  Often Ella will say, "I want to show them Audrey in your necklace!"
So she does, then she tells them that Audrey died or that she is in heaven, and then there is silence.

Don't feel like you need to be silent!  If we did not want to talk about our child who died, then our children who are still here with us would have already picked up on that and would not mention it either.

I do realize there are people who put everything away and do not want to talk.  But most of the people I have met are not this way.  Audrey means just as much to me as Ella and I will not ~ and could not ~ ever stop thinking or talking about her.  Talking about her will not make me more sad or make me think about her any more than I already am-- if you have a child you can understand because they are on your mind all the time.

For us death is sad, for the one who went to be with Jesus death is wonderful.  More wonderful than any of us on earth could ever comprehend.

Audrey will always be our daughter, she just has the honor of living in heaven. :)


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