Thursday, August 12, 2010


My daughter has to be the most thought-provoking child I've ever met.  She says things out of the blue that tend to catch me off guard, but I am glad for it!

This weekend the 3 of us are all going in different directions.  It is hard...I want my family together because now what I think about a lot is that us being together can change all too quickly.  Ella and I went out for a special breakfast at McDonald's today -- we love their hotcakes!  Then we went to visit Audrey's grave and on the way there her mind must have been working overtime!  She started out by asking why Audrey had white stuff on her face (she was talking about at the funeral).  I explained that to her, and we talked about how pretty she was before she died and how she looked much better in the hospital.

Ella agreed. :)

A few moments later Ella said,
"Audrey can't wait to see you, Mommy. And her eyes will be open really big."

It blessed my heart....more than I could ever explain!
Then we went into a discussion about God, and if God is at Taylor's house then He can't be at ours too. So I was able to explain a little about how God can be with us all...all the time!  And that we can't be in two places at one time, but that He can.  It was a great reminder to me that this weekend, although we are apart, God is with each one of us.  He is the protector of us and I have to trust Him to keep us in His care however it is that He sees fit.  It's hard to say that, knowing that keeping Audrey in His care meant taking her to the safest place she could ever be -- while taking her away from me for a time.

And to end our interesting discussions of the morning, as we were walking to Audrey's grave Ella said,
"I hope there is no poison ivy on my baby."

She is one of the main reasons I am doing OK.

Then I opened my email and found this from my Dad...
One day we left our precious cargo at an airport.  She was heading for
Lackland AFB.  How difficult it was for a dad and mom to allow their
daughter to be outside her parents' protective power.  Soon we reminded
ourselves that she was as safe (in God's hands) in Texas as she would be
in our home.  It was still a challenge to remember that truth each day.
But we grew in trusting God for His omnipotent power to protect His
property, wherever they are.  

Use wisdom in making decisions and plans.  Then trust God to care for His
precious cargo. 


  1. You really are so blessed with a wonderful family. God knew what He was doing. ;)

  2. Ella is definitely a thought-provoking little girl! Sometimes I'm just like "wow" with her. And she's a funny litle thing too :)