Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Need to Talk to Someone!!!

It seems like I say this a lot.  What do you do when you are feeling this way?

I cannot say I do this every time, but lately when I feel this way I go to the Lord.  Maybe it is because I cannot express what I am feeling with much articulation.  And He already knows.  Plus I know the encouragement I find when I go to His Word and am reminded of His promises to us.  Nothing in this world will every satisfy my aching soul the way the Word of God does.  And I am so thankful that He is where I have turned during some of the darkest days of my life.

I hope and pray I will continue to do this until He returns for us.

I know we need each other, the body of Christ that is, to encourage and hold one another up.  But I also know how difficult it can be to keep my words in check.  When I go to someone else there is the chance I will say something I shouldn't.  Let's admit, it is easy to do.  Especially if we are having a rough day and need to "vent" (that is often a sugar-coated way to say complain).
Find that person you can go to who will encourage you in the things of the Lord.

Shortly after Audrey died, a good friend told me something I will never forget.  I had already been trying my best to keep up communication with the Lord, even when I did not know what to say or how I would get through.  But she told me that when she was facing some of her most excruciating days, she would just ask God "Why?"  Even if she could say nothing else but "Why?" she said it to Him.  Because then she was still talking to God, and He already knows what we are thinking anyway.  So why try to keep it from Him?

Lean on the faith of other strong believers when you are struggling with your own faith.  I remember our Pastor preaching on this after we learned of Audrey's possible health problems.  There are times when our faith is put to the test and it is very small, but that does not mean we cannot trust Jesus.  And don't let your faith stay small, work at building back up to the Joy we have in Christ, and the Hope that we have in things yet to come!  Just talk the Lord, humble yourself, and He will lift you up! Micah 6:8

He Knows
He Loves
He Cares
Nothing this truth can dim.
He gives His very best,
To those who put their trust in Him.

So go to Him.  Cry out to Him, but never stop talking to Him.


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  1. This is EXACTLY how I am choosing to live my life!!!! I QUESTION God when I don't understand. I fight for JOY admist the heartache. And HOPE (and pray) that I will get through this trial and come out of it a better person then I was before.

    Thank you for confirming that I am on the right track.