Friday, August 20, 2010

Pray for Tressel

On Aug 16th, 2010 Tressel Meinardi, 7 mths old went to Cincinnati Children's Hospital for open- heart surgery. He was all smiles that morning! Surgery was scheduled @ 7:30am. His family gave him lots of hugs and kisses and placed him in the hands of the hospital staff.......The day took a tragic turn....time after time the nurse came out to tell the family one thing after another only to learn at 10:30pm that Tressel had been given alcohol instead of saline that was flushed through his heart. Tressel's liitle body is twice it's sizeit was before surgery. Alll of his organs are swollen. He has damage to his liver and kidney's. His poor little heart can not beat on it's own. He's hooked up to a heart machine & dialysis machine.... Please Pray that God will perform a miracle on this little man!!! ~ Scott, Emilie and Tressel Meinardi
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  1. UPDATE: Emilie has asked that Sat. & Sun.the hospital be FLOODED
    with as many visitors for Tressel. Tressel will be going home to the
    Lord soon. She and Scott need your support during very difficult time.
    She also asks that everyone bring a book to read to Tressel. Please pray
    for the family as well as all hospital sta...ff. Everyone's hearts are