Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Remember Who this is all about!

I believe Satan trains battalions of demons to whisper one question in our ears:  
"What are people thinking of you?"

Is God using you? Are you letting Him use you? Wonderful!
Are you also realizing that for God to "Become Greater and Greater, I must become less and less." John 3:30

We all struggle with this, we want praise and admiration for what we accomplish.  After all, life is hard work!  But are we truly doing what we do so that it will bring glory to the One and true God, or are we doing it so that people will notice?

I hope they do see you striving to please the Lord, and as a result have a desire to follow Him whole-heartedly as well.  But just maybe...and this is just a thought...maybe we should not hear as much about how we have influenced people and more about how God is being lifted up.  What have you done recently that nobody else saw except the Lord?

Just something to think about.
I must go and examine my own heart.


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