Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Update on Layla

We meet with the geneticist on Aug 24 to see if she has any of the three genetic conditions that cause lissencephaly. If they are inconclusive they will order more blood tests.

On September 17 we'll meet with the neurologist again, not sure what we will do at that appointment but he mentioned that around 9 months (November-ish) they'll order another MRI and EEG.

Layla is rolling over from tummy to back and is on the verge of rolling from back to tummy.

We have started Layla on solid foods, so far she does not like peas but enjoys sweet potatoes and rice cereal. :)

This weekend (Aug 21) we met Cari and Christopher. Christopher is 9 and has ILS (a type of lissencephaly). He is an amazing kid! Our first interaction face to face with another liss kid.

Please continue to pray for Layla's development and no seizures. She is doing magnificent and mommy and daddy feel truly blessed.

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