Friday, August 20, 2010

Update on Tressel

UPDATE: Emilie has asked that Sat. & Sun.the hospital be FLOODED
with as many visitors for Tressel. Tressel will be going home to the
Lord soon. She and Scott need your support during very difficult time.
She also asks that everyone bring a book to read to Tressel. Please pray
for the family as well as all hospital staff. Everyone's hearts are

We have learned that God answers all our prayers, sometimes in ways we do not want to have them answered.  This little guy was just as much a miracle as those who have gotten the answers we ask for.  Pray for this family and for the lives that such a tiny life will touch -- and has already touched!  We don't know how God might use this situation, but we do know that he uses them all for His Glory!  

With a broken heart,


  1. Becca, I stumbled on your blog while looking for information about little Tressel. Your words are a blessing for me. My heart aches at what you have been through and I pray that each prayer and hug and kindness from people who know you will help you through a little more each day. I miscarried early in a pregnancy in 2005 and it is weird to say, but seeing other women brave and loving enough to talk about loss of a baby helps me feel not so alone and and fills me with a compassion that heals me too. What happens to us does not change but somehow the hurt is transformed. Thank you. Love, Kim

  2. UPDATE from Facebook: Our sweet baby boy has lots of hugs to get in heaven. There will be quite a celebration there tonight. Please continue to pray for Emilie and Scott in all the days to come. We all have been touched by Tressel. He is and always will be in our hearts. Words can not express how touched we are by all the love and prayers Tressel has received. We are truly blessed!