Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why Bother???

Is it really worth pulling weeds when they will just grow back anyway?

Imagine if we took that attitude toward other things.  The laundry.  Cleaning.  Cooking.  Imagine how we would smell and what our house would look like.  And the eating – just because we are going to get hungry again doesn’t mean we don’t eat does it?  Do you decide not to shower just because you will get dirty again?

Then I began to think about my spiritual life.  What if I take that attitude toward my study of God’s Word or my commitment to Him?  “Well, there is not use me trying to give my all for Christ when I know I will slip back into the same routine I have always been in.  I have to keep going back to Him so I might as well just let me be who I am.”

What a scary thought!!!

The Bible says in Proverbs 4:23 “Keep thy heart with all diligence.”  It did not say PUT.  If you put it there you would expect it to stay.  But we know the heart is wicked and it will not stay there unless we keep returning to that place…the heart of God…for our direction. 

We all know that pulling small weeds is much easier to do and you can get the entire root. But letting the weeds get too big makes them very difficult to pull, and often the root is so deep that it breaks off and remains in the ground.  Then I don’t have to tell you what happens but I will, It grows back very quickly!  For a while it can fool you, it looks nice and kept, but it does not take long for those ugly weeds to come back and cause the same problems they were causing just a few days earlier. 

Do you know how you are supposed to look?  Do you put on your Sunday clothes and give the impression that you are kept, even though you just pulled the big weeds and left the roots down deep?  Because God can see the down deep part, you can fool those around you but you cannot fool God.  And isn’t He the only one who matters?  It is amazing to me how much we hide when God sees it all, we do not take seriously the fact that He, HE,    HE    is the only one we should be trying to please and He can see all of me!!!

I can see it in my own life.  When I stay in the Word of God and keep going back to His promises, His instructions to me, His way of doing things then I can make changes.  Changes that will last.  I have to get to the roots, and get rid of the problems before those changes will start to take permanence in my life.  And it will probably never be permanent.  Even after we get the roots, when the new season rolls around there are always new weeds, new problems.  But if we keep them pulled, they don’t grow so easily, and they aren’t so hard to pull.

Keep yourself in God’s Word, stay close to Him.  
So when the problems start to arise you are ready to face them and they aren’t so hard to overcome. 


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