Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why Don't I Just Give Up on God?

This struggle has had me asking "Why?" more than any other thing I have experienced in my life, and I often wonder why I have been able to stay faithful to the Lord. That is not to say I have done perfectly.  But I have found His promises to be more real and more true to me than ever before, and I know He has a purpose in all of this.  I hope I see some of the purpose unfolding as I continue my life here on Earth.  In fact, I have seen it already simply in the way He has drawn me closer to Him in the past 3 months.  I still have a long way to go, but I hope I continue in that direction!

I want to share something with you that had great meaning to me.  It is from Erwin W. Lutzer's book One Minute After You Die.

The death of an infant causes all of us to struggle with the will and purpose of God.  It seems strange that God would grant the gift of life and then cause it to be snuffed out before it could blossom into a stage of usefulness.  But we can be sure that there is a purpose in such a life, even if it is not immediately discernable.
James Vernon McGee again says that when a shepherd seeks to lead his sheep to better grass up the winding, thorny mountain paths, he often finds that the sheep will not follow him.  They fear the unknown ridges and the sharp rocks.  The shepherd will then reach into the flock and take a little lamb on one arm and another on his other arm.  Then he starts up the precipitous pathway.  Soon the two mother sheep begin to follow, and afterward the entire flock.  Thus they ascent the tortuous path to greener pastures. 
So it is with the Good Shepherd.  Sometimes He reaches into the flock and takes a lamb to Himself. He uses the experience to leave His people, to lift them to new heights of commitment as they follow the little lamb all the way home. 
Rev 1:17-18  God has the key to my child!

So you see, the reason I keep following God?  
He has my baby girl!



  1. He also has my baby boy!!!

    I know that my kids will choose to follow Jesus because of this!


  2. Becca,
    I was wondering if I could repost this. Because this is the reason I & my family continue to follow Christ. Because only by believing that Christ died for me and continuing to believe will I ever be able to see my baby Noah again. Thank you again for that reminder.

    Please let me know if it is okay to repost.