Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It is amazing how quickly things can change.  After an hour in an ultrasound, or 4 days with your precious baby, or in just a moment when life makes a complete turn in a direction you weren't expecting.
Even in small ways it is sometimes hard to keep up with changes, especially when you expected something different.  After having a "normal" life of 1st shift hours for 3 months, we are now back to the 2nd shift grind.  Another adjustment, something else to get used to.

I am thankful for Ella and for the "constant" that she brings to my life.  Whether it is constant talking and questions, constant dirt being tracked into the house, or just having her around all the time.  I am so thankful she is here with me all day, every day.

Lately, since the weather has cooled off some (in the mornings anyway!), I have been sitting on the front porch swing in the morning to have my coffee.  It is so nice and quiet, a great way to start my day.  One morning last week I was sitting out there and after just a couple of minutes Ella came out.  She sat on the swing, covered up with her blanket, and immediately started chatting away.  =)

I almost lost a beautiful moment when I started to say, "Ella will you please go inside and let me sit here for a few minutes?"
But before I said that, I quickly thought ahead a few years to dropping her off at school, then a few more years to her leaving for school on her own, and even a few years further to when she will not be living here.  All those mornings, year after year, of sitting on my porch alone, never to be interrupted by my sweet daughter.
It brings tears to my eyes that I, even for a moment, thought to ask her to leave.

We sat on that swing for a while, talking and enjoying the morning.  And how thankful I am for those moments I have to spend with Ella, because they are quickly passing me by.

I never realized how quickly it goes until I had to fit a lifetime into 4 days.




  1. And therein lies the beauty of having a precious child in heaven. We hold those here on earth just a little closer, enjoy them just a little more, because we know. We know how fragile life is, how quickly they can leave us, and how very much we need them here. To be able to see this, to see the blessings in the face of sorrow can be described as nothing other than GRACE.

  2. What a wonderful reminder in the busy days of our lives to allow ourselves to slow down even just for a moment and really enjoy the time we have with our little ones!!
    Can't wait to see you next week!

  3. Adorable picture of Audrey...just so sweet! And, yes, what a wonderful reminder that we moms need to slow down and take time to enjoy our kids. I know Taylor can drive me absolutely nuts sometimes, but I have to remember that she's already almost 4 and I just can't believe it...someday (probably what'll feel like way too soon) I'll be saying "she's getting married...I just can't believe it!"