Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Mind of Ella

I do not very often wonder what Ella is thinking, because she is normally telling me very clearly and very precisely ... with a lot of words!  That girl loves to talk.  She would rather talk than eat (it's a constant battle around here), and if she has a bite of food in her mouth she will push it to her cheek in order to talk about what is on her mind.

And she does not miss a thing!

Many times she has asked us why Audrey died, and each time we have told her we don't know why but that Jesus wanted her to be with Him.  We have been very honest with her, and if we don't know the reason we tell her we don't.  The only thing we know is that "Jesus wanted her with Him," but we do not know why, and how many times have we wished we did!!!

Then those few and far between times when Ella is quiet, and the look on her face is telling us she is thinking about something, we ask her what she's thinking about. And every time the answer is the same.

Tonight we were sitting on the porch eating ice cream and Ella said to me, "Why did Tiffany's baby come out?" I told her it was because it was time for him to be born.  And her next question was,

"Why didn't Jesus want him?"

Holy Cow! This little 4-year-old of mine is asking me questions beyond what I can answer!!  She often tells me she is ready to go to heaven.  She talks about how you get there, and recently we have even gotten into the subject of hell (although it was very brief).

Please pray for her, and for the wisdom I need to tell her what she asks but not to encourage her more than she is ready.  Since Audrey's death, one of the main prayers I have had for her is that losing her sister would not make her upset with God in any way.  I am so thankful she is beginning to grasp the love that Christ has for her.

Be careful about telling your kids to be quiet and not talk, you may be missing out on some very interesting thoughts they are having! =)



  1. I just love Ella so much. She is definately a talker, and she says some very interesting things. Sometimes, it shocks me cause she's so advanced for her age (at least it seems so to me). And she's hilarious at times. I am so glad that she talks about Audrey (completely unrelated to the hilarious statement)

  2. Ella has learned so much about Heaven and God and Jesus through Audrey living's amazing! It seems that the Holy Spirit is really working on that little girl :0) . What a glorious day that will be when our girls accept Him!!!

  3. I'm so glad you two have Ella and that she talks/thinks about Audrey. I love that kids say what they are thinking.

    We are looking forward to seeing you two very soon!

    Love you!

  4. Becca,

    It is such a good thing that Ella opens up and is very transparent with her feelings. I am thankful that Karsten has been the same way. Yet it is still very hard to see our children grieving over their siblings. I often wonder what truly goes through Karsten's mind. I am sure there are things I have no idea about. I don't understand how he feels because I have never lost a sibling. Just last week Karsten said that he still wants a brother here to play with. Yet I know that God has a story written for our lives and I trust His sovereignty. I pray that Ella will trust Jesus as her Savior soon. God accepts us, we just choose to trust in the finished work of Jesus. I miss you and pray for you all continuously. I hope we can get together when you get back home. Love you!