Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This Is Your Last Chance

It just might be!

I get caught up in life here and forget this myself.  We think earth is what we are living for even though we would never admit it.  But look at what your days are filled with, where your mind is, and what is important to you.  This was me a year ago, and I can even see how time heals and also brings you back to your earthly desires and focuses. That is why I do not want to ever stop thinking about Audrey, or remembering her with pictures, or talking about her. She helps keep my mind on what really matters.  I really should be living like I am dying!

A friend of mine has been such an encouragement to me over the past few months, and this was something she wrote that I would like to share:

"I think of you often to pray and it reminds me of the time we were praying for her. She had a way of making everyone stop and think about their own lives, what is important and what really is not. I think of her and makes me think of heaven and then the focus of praying for my family to be there one day."

I am honored that my little 2lb. 2oz. baby girl had this kind of effect on people.  It did on me, and it has helped me realize that it doesn't matter what I accomplish here unless it is helping people understand their need for Jesus.  

I'm not saying to live like you were dying so you go out and do all the things you wanted to do in life.  I am saying to live like that person you just talked to will be stepping into eternity the moment you walk away and do you want to answer to the Lord for why you did not share Jesus with them?  (I am talking to myself too.  This is so much easier to write than to do.)  How about in your own life, are you living as a child of the King (If you really are one)?  Are you truly ready for Him to return knowing without a doubt that He is coming for you too?

Do you feel lonely, sad, and homesick after the trials you have gone through?  You should!  We should never get to the point where we are comfortable in this life.  Happiness, Joy, Peace, contentment ... YES!  
But comfort ... NO.  

Max Lucado said, "You have an eternal address fixed in your mind.  God has 'set eternity in the hearts of men' (Ecc 3:11).  Down deep you know you are not home yet.  
So be careful not to act like you are."

Jesus has knocked on the door of my life and I asked Him to come in.  "Now the door will open again.  Only this time, it won't be Jesus who walks into our house, it will be we who walk into His." (Lucado)

Audrey knows what it is like to walk into the house of the Lord!
Am I ready to know?  Are you?


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