Monday, October 11, 2010

Close Calls ~ Divine Intervention

Many of you know my husband is a police officer, and about a month ago he was in a very close call as he made a traffic stop on I-24.  If a police officer is pulling you over, please pull to the right, do not pull next to the retainer wall or median in the middle of the road if you don't have to!!!
Well, this has happened to many other officers, but the car he pulled over pulled next to the retainer wall right in the middle of traffic going both ways.  Chad was walking back to his patrol car, his trainee still sitting inside, and he noticed a car coming toward them spinning completely out of control and headed for his 70 mph!  Chad jumped onto the retainer wall, his car was smashed, and he and his trainee both walked away totally fine.  {chills}
Here is the T-DOT photo

Ella and I took a trip to Ohio to see my Mom and Dad and other family, had a safe trip there and home, but only by God's grace.  Around Louisville I started noticing a lot of tire noise and scraping in my front driver's side tire.  I stopped, looked at it, talked with a couple people who thought it was OK as long as I still had control and brakes.  So I got back on I-65.  I was able to steer normally and my brakes worked fine, but every 10 minutes that passed seemed to get worse, I was only going about 60 mph and I knew I needed to get off again.  I watched for the next exit, but quickly realized I needed to pull to the side of the road because I started to lose steering control.
I turned on my hazard lights because I knew someone was behind me.
The white care went around me.
The tire flew off.
I remember a lot of thumping.
And the next thing I knew I was on the side of the road next to a guardrail.
I don't really remember what I did or how we got there without flipping or rolling, but we did.
I told Chad it was almost like someOne reached down, held the van in his hands and just moved us off the side of the road.
And not only that, but the tire that flew off went the other way across 3 more lanes of traffic as well as the northbound lanes and did not hit anyone.  All I could think about is what should have happened....or how that tire could have gone through someone's windshield causing more damage than I even want to think about.

But it didn't, and Ella and I walked away from the van.

God's Timing was perfect.
Dad said he preached about that last night...ironic?  No! Divine.

I am so thankful for a God who has me in the palm of His hand, and who has a plan for me.  It was another reminder that He has more for me to do here.  He's still working on me!  Am I going to let Him?

And it was 10-10-10. The 5-month anniversary of Audrey's death.
What a day!



  1. Wow Becca, that's amazing, God is amazing!! So glad you and Ella are safe and nobody else got hurt. Still thinking and praying for you :)

  2. For HIS eye is on the sparrow, and I know HE watches me!