Friday, October 29, 2010

It Was in the Mailbox

On several occasions, I have heard those testimonies of people who did not have money to buy groceries for their next meal and someone showed up on their doorstep that night with a bag of groceries.
Or another person had a bill coming due and did not have the finances to cover it and there waiting in the mailbox that night was the check with that exact amount.

We have done our best to carefully spend our money and put some back for emergencies.  So I cannot say we were on our last dollar or were hurting for groceries, but God has again proven himself true by providing in a way we did not expect.

Did you ever have one of those weeks....

  • Car trouble
  • A cavity ... of course the dentist visit could not be uneventful!
  • The heat won't come on
  • The fan keeps blowing in the house, and when it gets chilly at night and there is no heat...
  • You find out the fan is easy to fix, but the cost is outrageous due to the specific model of your HVAC unit
  • The kitchen faucet starts leaking, and it is a steady stream
  • The piece you need to fix the faucet cannot be purchased at any store in town
  • You find the piece for the faucet online, but it costs $45-$87.  So you buy a new faucet
  • Can't get the old faucet out
  • A sweet little friend is at the same hospital Audrey was at, that being the first time we were back since May
I guess that was about what our last few weeks have been like and I am chuckling as I write this because, although it was frustrating that one thing after another kept coming up, we (with God's help!) have been able to take care of each issue.  

On the other hand, did you ever have one of those weeks and make a list of how God intervened and provided?

  • There were no injuries to Ella or me as a result of our van mishap
  • We have dental insurance! 
  • It wasn't so cold that we were miserable at night, and there was nothing wrong with the heat
  • We were able to get our HVAC unit fixed at no cost except for the part we had to buy
  • The old faucet eventually came out and thanks to many phone calls to my brother in the past, I can replace a faucet myself
  • And then there is an anonymous gift, the exact amount to cover the part we needed for the HVAC unit.  
  • God's grace and peace overwhelmed us during those visits to the hospital
The verse open here at my desk is this:  "And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."  Philippians 4:19

While God has more than provided for our needs, I am thankful that He will be there to get us through the excruciating times as well as the small problems.  

He hasn't failed me yet.  And He promises He never will.



  1. Thanking God that He IS always with us!! I can see Christ reflected in you and know that it is through Him that you were able to come see Kylie. I pray that you continue to have the peace that God promises and the power to perservere. Much love to you!

  2. Thanks for this post! I love how you detailed each thing that went wrong and each way that God provided for me. Praising Him this morning!