Friday, November 19, 2010

Are you a respecter of persons?

God isn’t.

Deut. 10:17, Gal. 3:28, Romans 3:9, Acts 10:34, James 2:1-13

Do you have a tendency to steer clear of so-and-so at church, work, school, or the store because they are annoying, weird, or just because they get on your nerves?  Do you put yourself into a particular group of people in order to characterize who you are and what crowd you are in?  Better yet, do you make sure you are in the right click, the group everyone wants to be part of? 

Maybe it is more subtle.  You tend to be the person who is friends with everyone but only at certain times.  Perhaps during a time that is significant for them.  Through a birth, a marriage, even a death.  Whatever it is that might be bringing them attention makes you come to their side.  But after the excitement dies down … well you see what I mean.  Or you are outwardly friendly to everyone, but in a patronizing way to some.  You say what sounds good even though you would never intend to “friend up” with them.

Since Audrey was born I have thought about this a lot.  Had she lived, she would have been severely handicapped.  She would have been the one people in the store stared at or made comments about.  It is true, it would not have changed my love for her at all, but it would have given people a definite first impression of her.  That would have been hard to watch since she was my baby girl. 

It reminds me of something my mom always told me as I was growing up.  Whenever you are making fun of someone or putting him or her down, you are only doing it to try to make yourself look bigger.  You think it builds your self-esteem when you put someone else down.  And let me reiterate, this can be done very subtly! 

What about you? (ME)?  Try spending time looking at your own character instead. After all, the only thing that matters is what God sees and He certainly does not look at me in comparison to everyone else.  He looks at me for me, He loves me even when I am being unloving and annoying, and He expects me to love my neighbor.  I believe that is a command, and one that refers to everyone around me.  Does it love when I put them down?  When I slip down an aisle to avoid someone?  When I quickly leave because of they way they smell?  When a past wrong is my reason to cut them off from my life?

Each person is equally in need of Christ, and each one is loved by Christ just as much as I am.  Who am I to look down on them, to belittle them, or to simply avoid them so I do not have to put up with them?  I am nothing without Christ.  With Christ I am considered His child and should be working to become more like Him every day. 

A respecter of persons is not something that falls into His character. 

Don’t belittle…Be Big! 

After all, we will be spending eternity together.



  1. We are that family....the one with the handicapped child. The family that people stare at or completely avoid eye contact with. We are the family of whom people ask the question "why would you do that?" That is, adopt a severely disabled child. Mine is the son who was called a "freak" in school because he cannot walk or talk but makes spontaneous gutteral, moaning sounds. However, mine is also the son who says "No! As a matter of fact, he's not a freak, he's my brother."
    Though I cannot know this for certain, I suspect that those of us who are respectors of persons will, in eternity, be waiting the tables of those we chose not to respect.

  2. I love that..."don't belittle, be big!" Great post.

    Sorry I haven't been commenting much. I usually only read blogs when I'm slow at work (I don't read them at home due to my slow internet) and I've been very busy lately with my boss gone until the end of the year!