Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Long Overdue Updates

Thank you for your prayers! It is an honor that I can tell people I have written a post about them and know that you all will be lifting them up in prayer.

Ashton is doing well.  She spent 2 days in the hospital and only had a fracture to her skull that did not cause any other damage to this precious little girl.  She got some of my cookies and from that point on was good as new!!!

Rick & Lorelei had their little boy with Spina Bifida, but was diagnosed with a lower level of the disease.  He is doing well considering the surgeries and swelling he is experiencing, but they are praising the Lord for their miracle.  Aside from lack of sleep, Rick & Lorelei are enjoying him to pieces.

Trenton is also doing well, here is an update from my friend:
He's actually doing quite well. He was released from the hospital a couple weeks ago. He does have lung disease from the long period of time he was on a ventilator, so they have to keep a very close eye on him over the winter. I don't believe they know all of the long term effects that his several brain bleeds that he had will have...I think they're thinking he might have a case of cerebral palsy...not sure how extreme of a case though. Right now they're counting their blessings and rejoicing in how far he's come. They're family has just made a big move from Dayton to New Mexico.....so they'll be transitioning to new specialists as well. I know they had a long tough road and there were several times that they were not expecting him to make it....but God had other plans. 


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