Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jude and Alli still need a lot of prayer!

Continue to pray for Jude!  As they have been waiting for the culture to grow in order to determine the type of infection he has, the infection has started to spread up his leg.  They are very concerned about it spreading too far, and are considering a strong antibiotic that would help keep it from spreading.  This antibiotic can be very harmful if not very cautiously used, especially in children.  There is also a possibility of surgery tomorrow where the doctors will go in and remove the infection themselves.

An update on Alli from April (her mom) "Please pray for Alli, her stat just went down to the 30's they had to bag her and raise her oxygen. They are saying nothing is growing from the biopsy. Please pray for Alli she is fighting against the ventilator. Which makes her oxygen drop. My heart breaks for her."

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