Monday, January 17, 2011

Jude is doing better - a note from his mom

Jude just came out of surgery to have a PICC line placed about an hour ago. He is groggy but doing ok. Infectious disease doctors identified the causative bug as MSSA. A close cousin to MRSA. Both are types of staph, luckily MSSA is more susceptible to antibiotic therapy. MSSA can sometimes mean longer recovery time though. Jude will go home with his PICC line in place and will be on IV antibiotics for a minimum of three weeks possibly as long as eight weeks. He has been fever free for 18 hours!!! He is still in pain but I'm trusting he will improve daily. He is a tough little man. Andy, Jude and myself can not express the level of gratitude that we feel for everyone who has prayed for us. Jude is special and I know God has a special plan for our little miracle. Jude has a long road of recovery ahead of him. MSSA is a serious strain of staph that can often reinfect , but we are optimistic that Judes treatment will be successful. He will be in the hospital a minimum of three more days. Tomorrow he will begin physical therapy. We love you all and we are blessed beyond words to have such wonderful friends and family. All the glory belongs to my merciful heavenly father who continues to carry me through this storm.

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