Friday, January 7, 2011

Your prayers are coveted

As they come to mind, please keep some friends of mine, Paula and Sven, in your prayers.  After a blood test, they have been told their baby may have Down Syndrome.  They chose not to have an amniocentesis to confirm this, but rather to put their faith in God who created this little girl and just wait while they learn to trust Him more.  The most recent ultrasound has shown the baby to look completely normal, but as many of you know they won't know for sure until this little one is born.  While you pray and ask God's will to be done through them and their daughter, we also ask God to give them a healthy daughter.

Also keep a friend of Paula's in mind, in an ultrasound they have found two cysts on their baby boy's brain.  

Thank you for praying!


  1. As for the baby that will possibly have Down Syndrome. I will pray for them and praise GOd for them if she does indeed have DS. DS has been the most beautiful thing in our life and I ache to have it in our home once more. Yes, it will likely be a loss of the dreams that they had for their child, but they will soon learn what a priceless treasure DS is. Please feel free to share this link to one of my own blog posts with your friend.

    Will pray also for the baby boy. God is good, all the time.

  2. I agree, Karol. You know better than the rest of us the blessing a DS child brings, and I was hoping for that opportunity. It is a scary road when that is what they suspect but the reality is it could also be something worse. God is good, and we can only trust Him.