Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Little by Little

This process is far different from what I am used to, but it does remind me of the "hurry up and wait" that comes with my military days.  I remember when I was in the Air Force rushing to get things signed off, medical visits done, and training completed only to have weeks of waiting.  Trying to find something to do while spending every day at the base where there was not enough work for those of us who were put on active duty.

That is a little how this adoption process seems.  We ran around like crazy people during the home study, trying to get all of our paper work done, getting everything in the house "just so" and deciding what avenues were best for us at this time.  And now that the rush is finished, the waiting has begun.  But the hard part about this waiting is that the wait could end in a day, or a month, a year, or even more.

In spite of the time that we are once again bound by, I am thankful for the grace God gives for every moment and every situation.  A year ago it seemed like forever until I would know what His plan for Audrey was going to be.  Now we are coming up on her first birthday and I don't know where the time has gone!  And as I think back on the past year, I am amazed at the grace and peace I had.  And it came from the only One who is able to provide that kind of grace and peace.  I am so thankful He chose me, first of all to be His child and to give me the grace to accept Him, but also to be trusted with Audrey's life.  He looked at me as someone who would travel that road that would at some points be awful, but other places bring more grace than I would have ever experienced if it had not been for her.

We have been very encouraged by the way God is providing now for another child who will one day be part of our family.  When we started, we wondered how we would ever make this work financially, and we knew WE couldn't but HE could.  He has already provided, and we trust that He will help us meet our needs financially as well as emotionally as we continue to wait upon Him.

Ella and I often sing, "Little by little, day by day. Little by little in every way, Jesus is changing me!"  What awesome truths come with the simplest children's songs!

Let the grace of God change you, Little by Little!!!


  1. It's hard for me waiting with you as a friend on the sidelines so I can only imagine how difficult the waiting is for you! I love this post though about God's grace...such a sweet reminder!

  2. Oh, the waiting... ;o) Yes, it can be difficult at times, but just as the timing for Jesus coming to earth, dying and being risen were perfect, then so will be the perfect timing of your precious baby coming home. We continue to pray for ya'll!

  3. I agree with Tiffany and Jennifer, and I wish that you could add to your family really soon. But God's time is the perfect time, so I will continiue to pray for you. :)