Saturday, May 21, 2011

God's ways of Providing

I want to share this video clip, not because their gift is in any way better or more important than the way God has led each person to help us.  We are so thankful for every bit God has provided.  And we are thankful for the ways God has allowed us to work for some extra money.  Chad always said, "What we need is a LOT, but a lot of little bits will make a lot!"

I want to share this because of the great Orphan Care program this church has started, and how God has blessed their efforts in such a short time.  They set a goal for what they wanted to raise in 2011 and in less than half of this year they have raised more than Three Times that amount!  It is such an awesome ministry, not only to us as a family but to children all around the world who are in need of care, love, and forever families.  Our friends have a website called Speak up for Orphans and I like what they say:

"Help make the orphan population 143 million minus 1"

Like I said, a lot of little bits will make a lot, whether that is money, support, help, or you bringing a child home.

Here is the Pastor at Ridgefield Baptist Church:

Orphan Care (click here)

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