Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One Year in Heaven

Audrey's Dedication May 10, 2010

When there is a baby dedication, parents are giving their child back to God in the form of a promise. In the Bible we read how Hannah promised to give her son back to the Lord all the days of his life. That kind of dedication usually looks forward to many years of blessed opportunities to teach a child about God's love, Jesus sacrifice and our salvation. But - on this particular day, we come to a far greater understanding of what it really means to give Audrey back to God. 
Giving your child to God is a statement of your love and trust for God. You are saying to the Lord this...that you love Him foremost and trust Him totally with His sovereign plan for Audrey. 

Giving your child to God is a statement of ownership. You are declaring that Audrey is a gift from God to you, and yet knowing that she still belongs to Him. 

Giving your child to God is stating that you believe God has a very special purpose for her.

As you obey God with your life, you posture that child to receive God’s very best for her life. But now it is apparent that God's specific purpose for Audrey will be accomplished in a short span of time. A friend wrote this note to us just this morning. "It sounds like Chad and Rebecca will not get to introduce Audrey to Jesus spiritually (as they surely would have done had things been different), but imagine the joy when someday they get to heaven and Audrey introduces them to Jesus personally."
Make this dedication your own lifelong promise to God, to live each day in the way that you would, as if Audrey had remained, to be nurtured and taught about the One who will soon be holding her in His own arms.


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