Sunday, May 8, 2011

Proverbs 3:5-6

"Trust in the Lord with All your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths." (emphasis mine)

This past January we took the first step into this adoption journey after talking about it seriously for about 6 months prior.   We had always wanted to consider adopting, but it wasn't until after Audrey was born and then taken to Glory that our talk began to be put into action.  But we still did not know how we would come up with the finances, and when that crossed our minds it just seemed impossible.

But we still knew that He would direct our paths if we would just trust Him!  We went to that first meeting with Heaven's Sent Children's not sure what we would decide, but we kept taking the steps forward and kept sensing the Lord's leading in that direction.

After finishing our home study, Chad kept saying, "I think God will bring our child to us after we have the money."  Of course, I did not like that thought because I know how long it would take to save that kind of money, and like anyone expecting a baby the wait is hard!  In case you are not sure what kind of money I am talking about, our domestic adoption will cost $21,000 to $22,000 with our current adoption agency. If we coordinate through an agency in another state it could be another $15,000 in addition to that.  We did not feel God was leading us to use another agency, so our step of faith was to stay with Heaven Sent and trust Him to bring our child in His time.  After all, $21,000 is "impossible"....we are a one-income family!

But we just kept going.  Trusting that this is how He is leading and only He can provide, while saving and working like we had to make that money ourselves.  And I will say that we have certainly been working that way! :)  This month Chad did not have a day off from work, and we also spent a great deal of time planning for our fundraiser that took place yesterday.  And our work certainly paid off, but only because God allowed it to!

About a week ago I got a facebook message from a friend of mine who I worked with at Camp Patmos more than 15 years ago (oh wow....that makes me sound old!).  She was just inquiring about our finances with the adoption, so I told her and never thought twice about why she was asking.  Others have asked and I do not have a problem telling people what it will cost.  I guess because to us it seemed impossible but we also knew that taking a step of faith and not worrying about the finances would be an awesome testimony to God and His faithfulness when we seek His plan in our lives.

Then today, being Mother's Day, was hard.  Memories of Audrey flooded our minds, remembering this being the last day she lived and spending the evening holding her in our arms...something we will always long to do just one more time.  My memories from a year ago of spending Mother's Day with my two beautiful daughters, and now this year not having Audrey here was certainly bittersweet.  I have come such a long way and Ella brings me so much joy, but my Mother's heart will always want to have Audrey here.

After a nap and a nice supper with family, I checked my facebook and saw another message from Stephanie, my camp friend.  She is now serving as Pastor's wife at Ridgefield Baptist Church in Connecticut.  She wanted to talk to me and asked that I call soon, it was important.  After I began talking with her I learned that my dad's aunt is a member at their church, and they did not know the connection until last year when Aunt Jib was praying for her niece, Rebecca, and the church was praying for Audrey Ann, realizing that it was the same baby they were all praying for!

This church has recently become burdened for orphans and have started a ministry to support them.  In a matter of a few months they raised three times their goal, and they would like to send us

$10,000 for our adoption expenses!!!

We were speechless!
We are simply amazed at God's working through the past 4 months, and how He has allowed each thing to fall into place.  It really should not amaze us, this is God working!  Our home study was completed smoothly, we were approved for adoption, Chad getting extra hours to work, and our fundraiser went so smoothly and was such a success.  All I can say is, That's God!!!

And now we can pay for our adoption, without a loan, when God brings that child to our home!  I did not think I would be saying this so soon, and it truly is a blessing to Chad and me and to the rest of our family!  Praise the Lord for working through us, the church as a whole, to help one another!

We are overwhelmed by this entire weekend.  And it all is taking place over the 1-year anniversary of Audrey...our miracle who continues to touch the lives of people here on earth.

I am so thankful for her legacy!



  1. INCREDIBLE!!! That is a "God thing" if I ever read one!!! I'm so excited beyond words for you guys! I just don't even know what to type...WOW!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a wonderful GOD we serve! Praise you Father for your all knowing Power and Grace! Praise Him!!!

  3. God and Audrey are surely smiling big over this one!!! So happy for you all!

  4. Praise the Lord!!!! I type with tears of joy because our God can do ANYTHING! He is so faithful as promised. So very excited for you, what a wonderful gift!

  5. It is so amazing to me how God can turn our lives around in just a year, this time last year you probably had no idea how you could go on and now look at what you have ahead. :) I'm SO happy for you and Chad!!! I'm typing through tears of joy too. Our God is an AWESOME God!!!!

  6. Oh I am SOOOOO happy for you! I teared up reading amazing, nothing is impossible it seems!