Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thank YOU!

This is way late in coming, but I wanted to send out a special Thank-You to each and every person who has supported us through prayer, encouragement, donations, help, and any other way I have not mentioned.  Each bit of sacrifice on your part has brought us to our financial burden being somewhat lifted and we are truly thankful.  When we would sell some T-shirts, or get a donation, or make a little extra ourselves and roll it into our "Adoption Account" at the bank, it seemed like getting anywhere close to defraying the costs would take a great deal of time.  But we look now, less than 2 months from completing our home study, and we have more than half of what we will need for our adoption!  It is certainly opening new doors and great hopes for what the next step will entail!

The support we have been given from our family and friends has been wonderful and we thank the Lord for you all!

Chad & Becca

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