Friday, May 20, 2011

We're Going Nationwide!!!

In March of this year we were advised about applying with a larger, nationwide agency because it would considerably lessen our wait time for a placement.  Our agency here in Murfreesboro is small and does great work, but the number of families waiting compared to the number of children that are generally placed in a year is not a good balance right now.  To begin with the wait time is 2-4 years ... or longer!  And adding in the number of families waiting could extend it even more.  Applying with this other agency would give us a much shorter and pretty much guaranteed wait time.  It sounded great to us!!!

After looking into it, we decided there was no way we could go that route.  We really wanted to, but the financial side of this option was more than we could handle.  We live debt free aside from our mortgage and car, and although we are willing to take a loan for our adoption expenses, that loan has to be within our budget limits.  Already we knew we needed to come up with more than $20,000 for a placement through our agency.  This other agency would increase that by about $15,000, and in addition they require $10,000 up front.  Taking out a loan because we have a placement was one thing, but taking out a loan just to apply for an agency was more than we thought reasonable.  

So we decided to sit back and wait.  We knew if God had our child right here that He could bring them to us even if the statistics show a longer wait time.  We also knew He would lead for each decision we needed to make and we felt He was not leading in that way at that particular time.

And we were truly content with that.

It has been less than 2 months since our official approval for adoption was made, and in that time we have raised more than half of what we were expecting to need for our adoption!  Also, if we get a placement this year, we would be eligible for a tax credit, so the wheels in my head began to turn....and I started punching numbers into my calculator.  What we have in addition to the tax refund would put us pretty close to the total cost with the other agency that places nationwide.  Two months ago there was no way and now it is a possibility?!?  Only God can work in that way.

Just a few days ago we were considering applying with another agency, but every one we looked at seemed to come to a "no."  At that time, we had not considered the tax credit, and a few of the other agencies were out of the question because of personal ethical reasons.  So even then we decided it was still best to just wait.

The very next day we received an email with advice from a financial group, and something they said in their email reminded me of the tax credit. That was when I picked up my calculator.  =)

Psalm 37:4 "Delight thyself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."

All along we have told God our desires.  We wanted to have another baby join our family soon, and we want Ella to have a sibling to enjoy before they would be too much farther apart in age.  We also wanted to be able to do this without huge financial strain.  He has proven Himself in every area, and even in the area of being content to wait rather than jumping into something two months ago that could have caused us financial strain.  

I continue to be tickled at the way the Lord is leading and guiding through each step of this process, and I can't wait to see what His plan reveals!


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