Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Settling In

I love summer time and we are settling into our time if waiting...again.  But we are loving life and enjoying Ella and the summer before she begins her new journey, SCHOOL!  I don't know that I am happy about that, but I am certainly excited for her.

We have also officially become activated with American Adoptions (go check out our profile!) and are glad to have crossed this first big hurdle.  The next step is the call telling us we have a match! This call will be anytime now, and the call can mean we have a week, a month, or even 4-5 months until the baby we have been matched with will be born, or it could mean the baby is already born and we have 24-48 hours to arrive at the hospital in our birthmother's state.  It is exciting, nerve-wracking, and a challenge for this organized planner (ME!)!!!

But for now God has said, "Wait."

I do not find myself constantly waiting for the phone to ring or getting so anxious that I can't stand it.  We have kept busy with the usual -- trips to the park or pool, play dates, and I have been working on re-landscaping (with lots of help!!!).  I have even gotten back into working out, and it feels great!!!  This past year my blood clot has given me many challenges with exercising, but this past week I decided to try again, and this time it has not been as painful and I have stuck with it - it seems like my leg is doing even better! Praise the Lord!!!

What I do find myself doing is thinking every morning, "It could be today that they call!"  After all, one of these days will end up being "the day" so in all reality it could be this one.  How exciting that would be!!!

This morning I was thinking, as I often do, of how this waiting is exactly how we should be waiting for the Lord to return.  I have to admit, I more often think about this being the day we get our baby and less about how this could be the day He returns for us.  And it is such a good reminder that I need to continue to focus on Him and remember that He could come today just as much as our call could come today.

So for now I will wait for The Lord, wait for our new baby, and settle into the wonderful life He has allowed me to have.  I am so blessed right now, and I know He will continue to bless if I am faithful to Him.

My organized self has begun to put together the baby's room, and I will certainly add some pink to the green and brown if we bring home a baby girl!

Thank you for your prayers and support!