Saturday, January 14, 2012

Heaven is Once Again so much Sweeter

Some events in our lives make us stop and think, again, about heaven - and many of those events make us long to be there even more.  On New Years Day my Grandpa went to meet Jesus face to face.  He was surrounded by his bride and his family as that incredible moment took place, that time when earthly suffering and pain was forever erased and he experienced his first glimpse of heaven - something my human mind cannot begin to comprehend.
And I like to think Audrey was right there waiting to take his hand and introduce him to Jesus. 

Just imagine what they are doing right now!!!  And by the time we get there to join them, they will not have even finished their first day in heaven.  What a Day That Will Be!!!

I will miss Grandpa, even now it does not seem possible that he is not there in his home in Arlington.  I am thankful for the huge part he played in my life, and for his constant love and care for me.  It has been such a privilege to be the grandchild of Ken & Arlene Suter and the things I have learned from them I will carry with me as I raise my own children and someday have grandkids of my own.

It was such a blessing as we each went into his room to visit him throughout those few days, and he knew each of us - including the Great-Grandchildren - by name. 
Hand in Hand for 65 1/2 years

Not long ago I posted about my Grandparents celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary.  And although I know the Lord never asks us to do anything we cannot handle without His help, my heart breaks for Grandma who now has to find a new normal without Grandpa by her side.  But we know His grace is sufficient, He promised that!  As I continue to pray for her, I am also reminded of the promises we have from God - the very one who now has Grandpa and Audrey and so many others by his side.

All is Safe Forevermore, On that Happy Golden Shore
January 1, 2012 was a Glorious Day for Grandpa