Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BJ Update

Ben writes:

Well, we had a follow up with the neurologist last week. She said that his 24-hour EEG was pretty good. When he was awake his brain activity was completely normal. When he slept, the saw some abnormal action, but no dramatic spikes like they would be looking for. She said there's not enough evidence to pinpoint why he had seizures. Therefore, the Dr. doesn't want to put him on any anti-seizure meds right now, especially if it's not really necessary. So for now we're just keeping an eye on him and have a follow up with the neurologist in six months (unless he has another episode before then).

In the meantime, he will be under the care of his normal pediatrician. Pam and I can tell that something's not quite right with him. Sometimes he acts perfectly fine, but then other times he doesn't quite act himself. And he doesn't have much of an appetite -- hard to get him to eat even things he likes! We have an appt. with his pediat. soon, and are planning to talk with her about our concerns.

Thanks so much for your prayers. Please pass my thanks along to your friends too.