Sunday, May 6, 2012

Remembering Audrey

Two years for us, but not one day has passed for her since the day she entered Heaven's gates. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012


She's been on my mind a lot - seems like that is how I will begin my Mays now.  Just when it seems everything is coming back to being OK....I'm reminded how much I still need Him.  As the years pass and we consider how old she would have been it's hard to not be sad.  Yet at the same time, she wasn't supposed to be turning 2...because she was only supposed to be here for 4 days. 

So much to process and so hard to understand with my finite mind.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Know the Plans I Have for You...Jer. 29:11

I have claimed this verse for my life ever since the day I left for Basic Training in June of 2000.  And it is hard to believe the road God has taken me down since that time.  I am thankful for his patience, forgiveness, and love through the past 12 years as well as my entire life.  I could write page after page of the lessons I have learned, mistakes I have made, and blessings He has brought to my life.  After all He's done for me, by dying on the cross so that I could have eternal life, the rest is just icing on the cake!

And cake is just what we had the day after returning from Texas as we celebrated the "officialness" that Levi is now "Levi Wyatt Huffstutler!"  As the judge put it, "As if he had been born your natural son..."  I still get chills when I think about hearing those words as we stood in the Texas courtroom on Monday morning.

I love the details, details that only God could have put together.  Little things that are not coincidence and not irony, but God working all things together for good like He says in Romans 8:28.   We pulled out of our driveway around noon on Saturday, April 21, 2012.  We were all packed and ready to get on the road as soon as Ella's soccer game ended.  We stopped to grab the mail and in the mailbox was a refund check of unused funds from American Adoptions.

You see, when we got the phone call in October that Levi was born and the birthmother had chosen us, we were also told that the anticipated cost of this adoption would be $10,000 above our budget limit we had placed with the agency.  At the time it didn't take us long to agree that we would go for it, take the step of faith that God can provide and if we have to take longer to pay off some loans then that is what we will do.

Well, remember the refund check? These were funds that they expected to need but didn't.  And remember the $10,000 extra I mentioned?  The refunded amount was ... get this ... $9747.10!!!!

We are so thankful for the finalization of our adoption, and for the children God has placed in our lives.

Ella was given the honor of pounding the gavel and making it official

Enjoying a taste of his cake