Monday, July 30, 2012

I hope she loves Jesus more

Our sweet little girl has turned 6.  I don't know where the time goes!  We had a party on Saturday, complete with streamers and decorations in the kitchen, wrapped gifts, surprises & secrets, friends who joined her for the occasion, Cracker Barrell, sweet tea, ice cream, and skype with family.  By the end of the day we all were exhausted but most of all we wanted her to have a fantastic day - and we are pretty sure she did.

Today we have no plans, just spending the day at home getting things back in order and Ella is playing with her new La-la-loopsy dolls.  Earlier she came and told me that today is Pinky's birthday, tomorrow is Kitty's, then Dot's is after that...etc.  So she was planning a party for them.  She asked me for paper to wrap their presents, she needed ribbon, and she quietly told me she was making them some dresses but she didn't want them to hear with their gift was. 

I watched as my little 6-year-old planned a party for her dolls, copying every detail of what I had done for her party.  Keeping the secrets, draping ribbon in her room to decorate, wrapping presents, blowing up balloons.  She even told me she needs candles and a cake for them. 

I am reminded of how closely she watches me, every detail of what I do at times.  I didn't tell her everything I was doing to make her party special, but she saw it and she is now flattering me with her imitation.  But what else does she imitate about me?  Does she imitate my grouchy attitude at times? Or my study of God's Word?  Am I in His word often enough that she sees that and wants to be like me?  I have been reminded today of how important it is for me to live right, do right, and be right in all I do.  First of all so that I am glorifying God in my life, but so my daughter is learning to do the same when she imitates me. 

She is already 1/3 of the way to adulthood, and I know I can do better at showing her how to love Jesus.  I hope when she is my age that she has grown to Love Jesus More!! 



  1. Good reminders! Our "littles" watch us more than we know... and when they are adults (like my three) I realize how much they are like my husband and me... both good and bad! Keep on keeping on... she has a wonderful example!

  2. Wow, incredible reminder for this mama too! Thank you for sharing this, Becca.