Monday, October 8, 2012

Brokenness to Rejoicing

One year ago to this very hour Chad and I had just arrived at the Days Inn, just a mile from the hospital.  We quickly freshened up and changed, and at 5:30 p.m. we entered the hospital room of one who has come to be a very dear person to us.  She is not a friend, she is not like typical family, yet she is a vital part of how our family has come to be.  She had given birth to her baby boy the morning before, and shortly after that she made a heart-wrenching decision to do what she decided was best for him.

She told the agency to call us~Chad & Becca~ the family she had picked to be the parents of her precious baby boy.

They called us, and 28 hours later we were walking into her hospital room to spend some time with her.

~Without her - we would not have our son!~

She means the world to us.  We do not talk often, we life our life here and she lives her's in Texas.  But we think about her every day as we see her in our son, we talk about her often, and we tell Levi about  
his mom who gave him life.  

After arriving and talking with her for a while, the nurse wheeled into the room this tiny little bundle.  She asked us if we would like to hold him and of course we did.  So, for the first time after hearing he was born just 28 1/2 hours earlier, this little boy was placed into my arms by his mother.  And the following day, not without many tears and broken hearts, he became our son.  Many tears and broken hearts in one family brought tears and rejoicing in our family.

That is too much for me to understand. 
In a similar way - Audrey's death brought brokenness to our hearts and lives but rejoicing to the lives of those she met when she stepped into eternity with Jesus.

And if it had not been for our broken hearts in May of 2010, we would not have been rejoicing on October 8, 2011

 I will never be able to wrap my mind around some things that happen on this earth.  But I can truly say I am at peace and content with the road God has led me down.  I never would have asked for parts of the road I have walked, but I also never would have experienced the blessing, comfort, and joy only God can give through those trials. 


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  1. Amazing post... you always bring tears... sadness and joy all rolled into one! Praising the Lord with you on your one year miracle!